S&P Global: Cannabis Market Mania Driving Cross-Border'Green Rush' on California Property                    October 2018


Cannabis Dispensary Magazine: Avoid Real (Estate) Regrets                                                                              August 2018

Cannabis Radio.com: Jason Thomas, Avalon Realty Advisors                                                                                  July 2018


Marijuana Business Daily: Marijuana M&A Activity Spikes as Some Cannabis Pioneers Cash Out                       July 2018

Colorado Real Estate Jornal: Pressure on Cannabis Growers Could Put Space on Market                                  June 2018


National Real Estate Investor: What’s Next for Marijuana Warehouses?                                                                June 2018

Denver Post: Time to Create a Regulated Marijuana Delivery System                                                                 March 2018

Leafly.com: Ex Cops are Cashing in on Cannabis. Is That Okay?                                                                        January 2018

Capital and Main: Law Enforcement Action Partnership                                                                                     January 2018


Rooster Magazine: Cops Disagree with Anti-Pot Mayor Who Won't Legalize Weed to Pay Police             September 2017

The Marijuana Agenda with Russ Belville: Cops and Legalizing Weed                                                         September 2017

Coalition Radio: Jason Thomas, Law Enforcement Action Partnership                                                               August 2017

Denver Post: Marijuana Real Estate: Cannabis Cultivation Grows to 4.2 Million Square Feet in Denver            June 2017

East Republic: Law Enforcement Action Partnership                                                                                               June 2017

Weed News: Learn About Real Estate and the Cannabis Industry at the Cannabis Business Summit                 May 2017

Xceligent/Commercial Search: Marijuana Real Estate: The Business Impact of Legalization                               May 2017

St. James Media: Growing Reason                                                                                                                              April 2017


Marijuana Business Daily: An Industry in Flux: Cannabis Mergers on the Rise                                                   March 2017

Ganjapreneur: Distressed Asset Deals: What Happens When a Cannabis Start-Up Fails                                  March 2017

The Week: Jeff Sessions' Refer Madness                                                                                                          December 2016

Stark Group Live: Marijuana Real Estate and Debt                                                                                              October 2016

Las Vegas Sun: Q+A: Ex-Law Enforcement Officer Explains Why He Works to Legalize Marijuana         September 2016


National Cannabis Industry Association: Cannabis Real Estate: 5 Ways to Make or Break a Business    September 2016

Boulder KGNU: Law Enforcement Action Partnership                                                                                           August 2016

The Hemp Connoisseur: Making Sense of Cannabis Real Estate                                                                             June 2016

Voice of America: Legalizing Pot Brings Down Drug-Related Crime in Colorado                                                  June 2016

YourHub Denver: Law Enforcement Action Partnership                                                                                           June 2016

Hightower Blog: Is Marijuana Really Changing Colorado's Real Estate                                                                    May 2016

Inc.: The Marijuana Business is Really the Real Estate Business                                                                            April 2016

Grist: As Sales Boom, Pot Shops Have Become the New Face of Gentrification                                                    April 2016

L.A. Weekly: Here's Who's Likely to Reap the Benefits of Recreational Marijuana in California                           April 2016

Think Tank with Garland Robinette: Jason Thomas, Law Enforcement Against Prohibition                        February 2016

Westword: Marijuana Roadside Breathalyzer: Is It on the Way – And Will It Work?                                         January 2016


LeMonde: Le Colorado, Terre Promise Cannabis                                                                                             December 2015

The Atlantic: The Marijuana Breathalyzer’s Uncertain Future                                                                        December 2015


The Hot Seat with Jon Caldara: The Drug War and Race Relations                                                                    October 2015


The Denver Post: Marijuana Industry Drives Denver Metro Area's Real Estate Recovery                               October 2015

Baltimore Sun: Colorado's Marijuana Real Estate Industry                                                                           September 2015


Summit Daily News: Law Enforcement Action Partnership                                                                          September 2015


The Cannabist: Growing Marijuana: Huge Expansion Underway in Southern Colorado                                    August 2015

GlobeSt.com: History Opens to Door to Denver's Future: The Marijuana Industry                                             August 2015

Hope Studios/ideation co.: Pot (the movie)                                                                                                                  July 2015


The Weedblog: Want to Own a Medical/Recreational Marijuana Store in Denver?                                                 July 2015

Main Street Magazine: Law Enforcement Action Partnership                                                                                   July 2015


Cannabis Network Radio: Colorado's Marijuana Industry                                                                                         June 2015

THC Radio: Episodes 2 & 3                                                                                                                                            June 2015

Main St.: Marijuana Real Estate                                                                                                                            February 2015

Confluence Denver: Marijuana Boom Squeezes Denver Industrial Space                                                        January 2015

Harvest Public Media (NPR affiliate): Growing Marijuana industry Creates Real Estate Rush                   November 2014


Huffington Post: Oregon Marijuana Legalization Gets Boost From Cops                                                           October 2014


Stark Group Live: Real Estate Investment in Emerging Markets                                                                        October 2014


Denver Post: Consumer Demand for Pot Edibles Spurs Denver Manufacturing Surge                                    August 2014


Ladybud Magazine: Q&A: Colorado Cannabis Commercial Real Estate with Avalon Realty Advisors              August 2014


Danish Broadcasting Network: Cannabis Creates Growth in Colorado                                                                   April 2014


Fast Company: Soaring Demand for Marijuana in Colorado Ushers in Weed Cottage Industry                         March 2014

The Denver Post: Pot-Growing Warehouses in Short Supply as Demand for Legal Weed Surges                   March 2014

WORT Radio: Law Enforcement Action Partnership                                                                                               March 2014

Fortune Magazine: CO Pot Laws help Mile-High City’s Appetite for Real Estate to Grow Even Higher      December 2013


The Michael Blum Radio Show: Law Enforcement Action Partnership                                                        September 2013


The Bill Good Radio Show: Law Enforcement Action Partnership                                                                September 2013

Celina Daily Standard: Law Enforcement Action Partnership                                                                                  June 2013

Time 4 Hemp with Casper Leitch: Time 4 Hemp                                                                                                         May 2013

Marijuana Policy Project: Let's Get It On                                                                                                                     April 2013

The Hemp Connoisseur Magazine: 20ish Questions With Jason Thomas                                                               April 2013

The Russ Belleville Show: Cops Say Legalize Drugs – Jason Thomas                                                                 March 2013

The Weedblog: Law Enforcement Against Prohibition – Jason Thomas                                                              March 2013

The Pat Thurston Radio Show: Law Enforcement Action Partnership                                                          December 2012

Colorado Community Media: Law Enforcement Action Partnership                                                              November 2012

NOCO5 Television: Law Enforcement Action Partnership                                                                               November 2012

The Colorado Observer: NAACP, Law Enforcement Outfit Line Up Behind Marijuana Legalization                     June 2012

The Colorado Independant: Pot Legalization Campaign Taps Parents for Support                                               June 2011

Black Talk Radio: Ending Drug War with Jason Thomas                                                                                 November 2011


GC Public Affairs: Legalizing Marijuana: A Real Cop Joins the Conversation                                                   October 2011          

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