Real Estate Brokerage

Need licensed or licensable real estate? We broker the leasing, purchase and sale of marijuana approved properties and facilities.  We understand state and local licensing and location requirements to make sure our clients see the best properties possible.  


Business Brokerage

If your selling or buying a marijuana business or license, we can help. Our business brokerage services is centered on maximizing value for our clients and an innate understanding of licensing and license sale requirements relative to the market.


Business and Property Valuations

What is your business or marijuana property worth? We drill down into the imputed value of marijuana businesses and properties. Marijuana valuations are complicated, but we’ve been able to provide accurate valuations that meet our client’s objectives.  


Expert Witness Testimony

Our expert witness testimony is based our years of experience and understanding of the marijuana industry. We have the ability to effectively provide expert witness reports and testimony centered on the services we provide.



We offer other consulting services in our areas of expertise. If you have a need that is within our services we can develop a consulting program to meet your requirements.

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